New Social pages now on

If you haven't noticed, new show pages have been popping up all over the website lately. Well, they are RevolRadio's new social pages. Where all the tweets, FB posts, and etcetera (including your favorite #hashtags) are all collected and displayed in one convenient location. This change came with the re-launch of Geek Public Radio, whose social page hosts cool gadgets, great apparel ideas, game and gamer articles, and other interested material. Each of our shows will have a social page on the website, so check out your favorite and keep up with them. Right here on

Geek Public Radio (GPR) Back on Air

Geek Public Radio has been on a small hiatus for some time, however, the guys from the GPR show are back covering all things geek related. They talk games (both pen & paper and video), TV, Movies, and comics, right here on Check out their social media page where all their tweets, FB posts, content, and your responses are posted. Shows and times will be updated soon, however they have already started working on articles and fun things for you guys to take a peek at. So click on the banner above and geek out.


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